Presentations, Workshops, & Classes

Touchpoints Feng Shui class

I love teaching Feng Shui. My presentations, workshops and classes provide wonderful opportunities for people of every level of interest to learn about Feng Shui in a comfortable and engaging way.

Touchpoints Feng Shui presentations typically include:

  • PowerPoint slide shows packed with images illustrating Feng Shui ideas and tools and animations showing Feng Shui adjustments in action in variety of living spaces.
  • Worksheets to help class participants explore how Feng Shui relates to their situation and space.
  • Take-away reference materials.
  • And, lots of time for Questions & Answers.

With experience teaching art history and studio art college courses and facilitating branding workshops, I excel at organizing and presenting both the broad concepts of Feng Shui and the many ways it can be applied, from simple to subtle. Feng Shui becomes useful when people see how it is relevant to their lives. My goal is to fill each presentation with information that is interesting and can be used by each participant to begin to create more supportive energy in their homes and work places.

Groups, programming, and settings for which I can provide customized Feng Shui presentations, workshops, or classes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Corporate employee enrichment programs
  • Adult & community ongoing learning
  • Networking groups and professional enrichment programs
  • Health & wellness organizations, businesses, and studios
  • Interior decorating professional organizations
  • Architectural design and interior design professional organizations
  • Clutter management professional organizations
  • Landscape design and landscape architecture professional organizations
  • Real estate agencies and professional organizations
  • Church groups
  • Schools: K-12 and college

Customizing formats for classes (this includes presentations and workshops) to meet the specific interests or needs of your group is always an option we can explore. Some formats include:

  • A single class
  • A series of classes
  • A weekend retreat
  • A collaborative class that combines Feng Shui with another discipline, such as interior design, clutter management, garden design, or yoga. For instance, I am currently developing a 5 Elements Feng Shui & Yoga series in collaboration with Bodhi Tree Yoga.

Interested in setting up a Touchpoints Feng Shui class or have questions or possibilities you’d like to discuss. Contact me today. I look forward to talking with you.