Why hire a Feng Shui professional?

To listen to nature’s wisdom and study her ways is to be on a path to balance energy. To live in a balanced environment is to be nurtured and supported. To be nurtured and supported is to thrive and prosper.

There are many reasons to hire a Feng Shui professional. A couple considerations to think about as you research and make your choice are:

1. Feng Shui is a specialized body of knowledge for making insightful, comprehensive assessments of the interrelationship of humans and our environment. As a professionally educated and certified consultant, I am committed to studying Feng Shui and related energy modalities. I am dedicated to acquiring relevant knowledge and experience so that I may continually serve the highest good of my clients with integrity and a high standard of professional skills and knowledge.

2. There is an explosion of Feng Shui in popular culture and the media. The upside is that Feng Shui is gaining broad general exposure. The downside is pop media has a fondness for catchy sound bites and quick, easy fixes. The integrity, depth, and authenticity of Feng Shui is often distorted, misrepresented, diluted, and packaged as “quick tips”, “tricks”, and “secrets”. There is a significant difference between trying to “Feng Shui your space” based on popular culture’s representation of Feng Shui and working with a professional Feng Shui practitioner.

As a certified Feng Shui consultant, training, commitment, and insight are the foundation upon which I build my practice. I invite you to contact me to learn more about what to expect from a Touchpoints Feng Shui consultation.

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