Picturing Love

“I’m moving to a new condo and I want to do everything I can to set up my new space for a new life. I want my new place to feel great. And, I really want to attract a good love partner into my life.”


Red Beach Chair by Dana Edmunds

Not surprisingly, wanting help with love is one of the most common reasons people seek a Feng Shui consultation. Such was the case for Lisa. A successful, attractive woman in her mid-40s, Lisa had had a string of relationships that ranged from unsatisfying to unhealthy. Recognizing that the quality of her relationships reflected her own unresolved emotional wellbeing, Lisa had worked hard for several years on gaining clarity around her issues, healing wounds, and building healthy self-love. When she contacted me, Lisa felt ready to move forward into a whole new phase of her life.

As a Feng Shui consultant, my role was to help Lisa see and understand the ways in which her home was or wasn’t energetically aligned with the direction she wanted to go with her life. The first step was to help Lisa become aware of the energetic relationship between herself and her home. Based on what we discovered, we would explore changes she could make that would attract and enhance energy aligned with her current self-image, and, from that place, support her desire to attract a good romantic partner.

Concepts of mirroring, metaphor, and intention are among the many tools that Feng Shui uses for working with energy. Using mirroring we can perceive the ways in which our spaces mirror our lives and our lives reflect our spaces. Feng Shui also uses a language of metaphors. Mirroring often is expressed metaphorically. These metaphors reveal correlations between our living spaces and various aspects of our lives. As often happens in close relationships, with familiarity comes the tendency not to see what is right before our eyes. The awareness to see these mirroring and metaphor dynamics is one of the ways the “lens” of Feng Shui can be very “eye opening”.

As we walked around her apartment, the conversation between Lisa and her home was revealed in a variety of ways. On a daily basis, Lisa was receiving messages from her home, many of which were not in sync with her intentions. It’s not that her home was trying to impede her. (On the contrary, our homes want to help and support us; that is their purpose.) It was simply that Lisa was unaware of the significance of images and objects in her home that mirrored her past and her subconscious. The “silent” metaphoric messages she was receiving were not energetically aligned with and supportive of the new life she consciously wanted to build for herself.

beach-chairs-shower-curtainOften one of the strongest voices in the conversation between a person and their living spaces is the art with which they choose to live. It is the nature of art to carry literal or metaphorical messages and energy. Throughout Lisa’s apartment were many prints of colorful beach chairs on sunny beaches. Even her shower curtain was decorated with a pattern of beach chairs. What could be wrong with such cheerful images? The problem was that these images each showed a single beach chair. Although the chairs were in idyllic settings, every chair was alone and empty. Metaphorically, all these images were reinforcing to Lisa a view of herself as a single woman who had to find enjoyment on her own. This was the picture that Lisa felt ready to change. Lisa’s stated intention was to attract a vibrant love partnership into her life. However, the multiple images she looked at everyday were mirroring her past life and metaphorically reinforcing a self-identity that she was ready to move beyond.

2-beach-chairs-72dpiI recommended to Lisa that she get rid of (let go of) all the single beach chair images, and bring into her home new artwork that was aligned with her current goals and the future life she wanted to build. I encouraged her to include in new artwork images of pairs of things. If she still enjoyed beach chairs, then go with artwork showing two chairs side-by-side facing the same direction. For the wall directly across from the foot of her bed, which is called a “vision wall”, I suggested that she look for a very special image that she felt particularly supported, through its imagery and energy, her intention for her future. This piece would serve her best if its imagery included a pair of something she loved, a quality of unity or completion, and a common direction.


“Two Hearts, One Tree” acrylic on canvas, 18″x18″ by Kyle Harris

In keeping with her commitment to her personal growth and vision for the future, Lisa followed up. Empowered with new awareness, she thoughtfully changed the art in her home. She was especially excited about the new painting of two vibrant trees entwined over a path she selected for her bedroom vision wall. This and other new artwork, along with specific adjustments to choice and placement of key furniture pieces, were aligned with her current self-image and vision for her future. Lisa engaged with new, heightened awareness with her conversation with her home. The changes Lisa made in her home effectively shifted the energy and the metaphorical messages from challenging to supportive. As she lived within this positive energy, Lisa’s self-love was affirmed daily and was able to support her vision for her future. Within a few months, Lisa met and was happily sharing love with a wonderful man. According to her, he is the best romantic partner of her life.

One of my greatest joys as a Feng Shui consultant is to help people see their living spaces, and therefore their lives, with fresh eyes. The Feng Shui tools of mirroring and metaphor can enable us to become aware of, and actively and lovingly engaged in a reciprocal conversation with the spaces in which we live. Feng Shui makes it possible to create living spaces full of positive energy aligned with our intentions. Through the gift of compassionate awareness, the conversation with our living space can be rich with messages that support the positive changes we want to make in our lives.

Gratitude and Letting Go “Twofer”

Enhancing Your Total Self ProgramThis morning, before launching into the new project, I took a few minutes to take care of a “task” that’s been tapping at my to-do list consciousness for a few days. The tapping started last Thursday, immediately following Wednesday’s 17th annual Rochester Women’s Network (RWN) Business Summit.

As a member of the event planning committee, I put together and participated on one of the afternoon panel discussions. Not surprisingly, that panel discussion’s title was Powerful and Pragmatic Tools for Enhancing Energy, Balance, and Well-Being.

Energy PanelThis diverse panel of “energy work” professionals–experts in the fields of organizing/clutter management, Feng Shui (yours truly), yoga and meditation, massage therapy, and Healing Touch Energy Therapy–explored the uniquely effective benefits these disciplines provide. We discussed actionable concepts and tools that busy, pragmatic professionals can use to enhance balanced, flowing energy that supports personal well-being and professional vitality. Thanks to the thoughtfulness, passion, and humor each panelist and our fabulous facilitator brought to the discussion, this breakout session was very well received!

The task tapping on my mind has been to write and (snail)mail thank you notes to the panelists and facilitator. I haven’t been avoiding doing so. Rather it’s been a case of setting aside the hour or so to make it happen. This took a little doing for two reasons: 1) Since all our event correspondence had been via email, I had to reach out and ask the ladies for their physical mailing addresses. And, 2) I needed five thank you cards. I discovered that there were only three left of my “official” thank you cards. This discovery precipitated a search through a desk drawerful of assorted cards looking for others I could use. Fortunately I found three cards, so I was able to get the cards written and ready to go out in today’s mail.

Energy "Twofer"I don’t want to give the false impression that I hand write lots of thank you notes. But, when I do, in the process of flowing my thoughts of gratitude and appreciate out from my mind, through my hand, through the ink, onto the paper, into the envelope, addressing, and out in the mailbox I definitely feel a flow of uplifting energy. And, I know, chances are, the recipient will feel that uplifting energy, too.

Back to the search through the drawerful of unused cards. In the process of selecting out the few cards I wanted to use I had gone through every card in the drawer. Many of the cards had been int he drawer for years. For various reasons, most of them didn’t appeal to me any more.I had an “ah ha” moment. I acknowledged that I probably would never use those cards. I took the opportunity to let go off that small hoard of cards. Out they go into the recycling bin.

I’m basking in the positive energy of the gratitude I’ve shared. And, I’ve made room for new cards that reflect who I am now. The next time I get to write a thank you note or send some other card, the task will be more easily accomplished and pleasant. I won’t have to shuffle through old stuff to say “thank you”. What a great Feng Shui “twofer”!

Making the Bed – Simple Feng Shui

make_bed_fengshuiOne of the things I love most about Feng Shui is the many practical, simple ways it offers to work with the energy in my home. Some of these adjustments are “common sense” or, in my case, “tasks” I learned from my mother. Mom didn’t know she was practicing Feng Shui; she just knew what helped our home feel good. Making my bed every morning was one of the simple lessons she instilled in me. Imagine my delight when I learned I’ve been practicing Feng Shui since I was a child.

Making your bed is a simple and marvelous ways to shift energy as you start your day. When we sleep our energy turns inward; our subconscious energy becomes most active. Nighttime is a time of retreat and restoration. When morning arrives, we need to shift our energy outward to engage again with the world. Making the bed helps stimulate the flow of energy in the room and in our minds. This act helps clear the energy from the subconscious and welcomes the opportunities of the new day.

make_bed_beforeAn unmade bed is a form of clutter. Energy is sticky. The energy of our subconscious and our nighttime respiration clings to our bedding. Bed making motions of lifting, tugging, straightening, and tucking help unstick the energy accumulated during the night and releases it to flow away. This opens space for new, fresh energy to flow in providing a more “clean slate” for your next night of rest.

Opening and closing your window coverings can also be a part of this daily routine. You may prefer to shut your curtains or blinds at night. Perhaps you need to block out ambient light or muffle noise. Feng Shui supports doing what is practical for privacy and comfort. If you do close your curtains at night, opening them each morning works together with making your bed to shift to daytime energy. In Feng Shui, windows are associated with vision. Opening your curtains enhances your view of the opportunities life can bring to you each day.

make_bed_afterMaking the bed honors and says “thank you” to your bed for sheltering and supporting you during your hours of sleep. And, it prepares the bed to welcome you when you return to it at the end of your day. The acts of turning down the bed and drawing shut the curtains signal an energetic shift to re-enter your time of rest and restoration.

The simple routine of making the bed every morning and turning it down at night are daily touchpoints that can connect us with the energy of our homes. The better we care for our homes, the better they can care for us.

Heaven is a Garden

Yesterday, my advance-ordered, hot-off-the-press copy of Jan Johnsen’s new book, Heaven is a Garden, arrived on my doorstep. Written by Jan Johnsen, a landscape designer with 40 years of design and horticultural experience, the book’s theme is “Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection”.

I ordered the book deep in winter earlier this year, thinking ahead to spring and excited to be inspired by Johnsen’s writing and photos. Jan references Feng Shui principles that can be used to create beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance and enrich our lives. Her topics include:

  • The Power of Place: “Whatever your vision of a heavenly garden, it should fulfill your desire for a private space where you can enjoy Nature’s glory – where you can breathe and just be.”
  • Creating Music for the Eye: “The curve of a walk or the shape of a plant bed speaks to us silently.”
  • Calling on the Trees: “God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, ‘Ah!'” (Joseph Campbell)
  • The Magic of Water: “The serene appeal of water lies in its never-ending ability to refresh our spirits.”
  • A Rock’s Resonance: “Rocks silently resound with the energy of a place and ‘ground us’ . . . “
  • Color – Nature’s Catalyst: “Color rules a garden in more ways than one. . . . The entire natural world, including us, reacts to the language of color.”

Nature and our relationship to it is the basis of Feng Shui. Landscape forms, plants of varying shapes, water, rocks and color are some of the wonderful tools that Feng Shui “borrows” from nature.  Working with these tools gives us a wealth of creative ways to create outdoor spaces full of energy that supports and enriches our lives.

It’s early spring here in Rochester and time to be planning how you’d like to incorporate the wisdom of Feng Shui into your outdoor spaces.  Perhaps you’d like to:

  • Focus on attracting positive Chi to your front door
  • Create a garden bed that supports love, wealth, or family
  • Address challenges in your outdoor space by creating a more natural, serene feel

Now is a great time to take a look at your outdoor spaces through Feng Shui eyes and make plans to enhance the energy that surrounds you. I’d love to talk with you about helping you bring more “heaven” into your life.