What to Expect

"Before" Living Room

Let’s talk about you and your space. That is where we start on your Feng Shui path of discovery.

Take a moment and think about your home? Do you love how it feels? Or, is there something about it that just doesn’t feel right? Pause and think about your office. Are you experiencing challenges in your professional life and you don’t feel supported? Are things in general going along smoothly, but you’re ready to make a change in your life? These are just some of the life dynamics that Feng Shui can address.

Touchpoints Feng Shui consultations are specific to each client’s situation and space. But, to give you a general sense of what to expect, typically:

  • An initial consultation lasts about two hours.
  • Follow up or single room consultations tend to be briefer because they build on previous work or are focused on a smaller space.
  • We meet in your home or office – the location you want to focus on at this time.
  • At the beginning of the consultation, we go over the history of your home, discuss your story and any goals or challenges you’d like to address during the consultation.
  • We will review the Feng Shui tools we may use during the consultation: the bagua, Ming Gua, the 5 Elements chart, and principles of Yin and Yang.
  • We will walk through the space we’re focusing on (whether it’s your entire home, one specific room, your outdoor space, or your work location). We will look for adjustments that can be made to enhance balanced, supportive energy flow, and address challenges.
  • The consultation wraps up by identifying a short list of adjustments for you focus on  to begin to shift and enhance the energy in your space.

Topics covered during a consultation (depending on your objectives):

  • Suggestions for enhancing the balance and flow of Chi energy in each area.
  • Identifying areas of stagnant, stuck, blocked, or challenging energy caused by floor plan flaws or furniture placement, and recommendations for how to revitalize, move, or deflect energy, as needed.
  • Recommendations for the most supportive placement of furniture and accessories.
  • Considerations for working with color, art, and accessories to powerfully impact the energy of your space.
  • Discussion on clutter, its energetic impact, and strategies and resources for clearing clutter.
  • Explanation of the 5 Elements of Feng Shui (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) and ways to incorporate them into your space to enhance energy, comfort, and beauty.
  • Looking at the principles of Yin and Yang and ways to work with these dynamic contrasting/complimentary aspects to create balanced energy.
  • Working the Bagua and a blueprint of your home or office to show the relationship between various life aspects and your space.
  • Introduction of basic Feng Shui tools and guidance for selecting appropriate ones to use in your space.
  • Feng Shui analysis of your home’s position and relationship to the street and to neighboring buildings and recommended adjustments, as needed.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a Touchpoints Feng Shui consultation, please contact me. I look forward to speaking with you.