Principles of Energy

Energy – Feng Shui works with three fundamental principles of energy:

  1. Everything is energy.
  2. Everything is connected by energy. 
  3. Energy is always changing.

“Everything” includes all living beings, elements, objects, materials, colors, spaces & places, emotions & associations, and thoughts/ideas/intentions. All expressions of energy are considered in practicing Feng Shui.

In Chinese, this all-pervasive energy is called “chi”. Literally translated, the word means “breath” or “life force”. The purpose of Feng Shui is to attract and enhance energy in a space that is most supportive of your life goals and can help minimize challenges.

Yin & Yang – The vital life force energy or chi that pervades the universe is created by the polaric interplay of Yin and Yang. Illustrated by the tao image, Yin and Yang are opposing or complementary states or expressions of being that exist in varying degrees of balance. These shifting states of balance are what create energy or chi.

For example, in your living or work space, we might consider Yin/Yang relationships such as: dark/light; small/large; low/high; curved/angular; textured/smooth; or horizontal/vertical. Working with Yin/Yang balance is a powerful, yet very accessible, way to create balanced energy in living spaces. It can transform your feelings about a space from “There’s something that just doesn’t feel right about this room.” to “Ahhhh. I love how this room feels!”

Balance – In general, Feng Shui’s goal is to encourage gently flowing, balanced energy. But, balance is not a static state; it is dynamic. For instance, sometimes in life you may need to surround yourself with serene energy. Another time you may need dynamic energy. I help clients create the most supportive balance for them at any particular time in their lives.

Because our lives are always changing, the energy of our lives is always changing. Feng Shui is that it is not a “once-and-done” event. Feng Shui is an invitation to live with awareness of our constantly shifting relationship with the spaces in which we live our lives. And, Feng Shui helps us use nature-based insight to develop awareness about the energy of our living spaces, and gives us effective, easy-to-use tools to adjust the energy for each phase or situation of our lives.


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