Touchpoints Feng Shui Consultations

Foyer Feng Shui DesignLet’s work together to create home and heart spaces that are havens in and doorways to your world. Looking at and make changing to your living spaces is the most effective way to support your goals and address challenges you may be experiencing. Perhaps you want to feel more at ease in your home, strengthen your love relationship, transition to a new job, or help your child sleep better. Whatever your situation or space (small apartment, large house, home office, corner office, or cubicle), Feng Shui offers an array of options to bring about desired changes in your life. And, these changes can be made hand-in-hand with making your space more beautiful and enjoyable.

Here are some of the ways we can work together:

  • Initial Feng Shui Consultation (app. 2.5 hour session) Learn more
  • Single Room Feng Shui Consultation (app. 1 hour) Learn more
  • Follow-up Feng Shui Consultation (app. 1 hour) An opportunity to look more closely at an aspect touched on during an initial consultation to deepen your understanding of the energetic principle at work and more aligned with a recommended adjustment.
  • Feng Shui/Interior Design Services/Collaboration I am available to work independently or in collaboration with your interior designer or architect.
  • Virtual Feng Shui Consultation We can work together using FaceTime or Skype and/or phone and email.

Ready to bring Feng Shui into your life? Contact me to get started.