Gratitude and Letting Go “Twofer”

Enhancing Your Total Self ProgramThis morning, before launching into the new project, I took a few minutes to take care of a “task” that’s been tapping at my to-do list consciousness for a few days. The tapping started last Thursday, immediately following Wednesday’s 17th annual Rochester Women’s Network (RWN) Business Summit.

As a member of the event planning committee, I put together and participated on one of the afternoon panel discussions. Not surprisingly, that panel discussion’s title was Powerful and Pragmatic Tools for Enhancing Energy, Balance, and Well-Being.

Energy PanelThis diverse panel of “energy work” professionals–experts in the fields of organizing/clutter management, Feng Shui (yours truly), yoga and meditation, massage therapy, and Healing Touch Energy Therapy–explored the uniquely effective benefits these disciplines provide. We discussed actionable concepts and tools that busy, pragmatic professionals can use to enhance balanced, flowing energy that supports personal well-being and professional vitality. Thanks to the thoughtfulness, passion, and humor each panelist and our fabulous facilitator brought to the discussion, this breakout session was very well received!

The task tapping on my mind has been to write and (snail)mail thank you notes to the panelists and facilitator. I haven’t been avoiding doing so. Rather it’s been a case of setting aside the hour or so to make it happen. This took a little doing for two reasons: 1) Since all our event correspondence had been via email, I had to reach out and ask the ladies for their physical mailing addresses. And, 2) I needed five thank you cards. I discovered that there were only three left of my “official” thank you cards. This discovery precipitated a search through a desk drawerful of assorted cards looking for others I could use. Fortunately I found three cards, so I was able to get the cards written and ready to go out in today’s mail.

Energy "Twofer"I don’t want to give the false impression that I hand write lots of thank you notes. But, when I do, in the process of flowing my thoughts of gratitude and appreciate out from my mind, through my hand, through the ink, onto the paper, into the envelope, addressing, and out in the mailbox I definitely feel a flow of uplifting energy. And, I know, chances are, the recipient will feel that uplifting energy, too.

Back to the search through the drawerful of unused cards. In the process of selecting out the few cards I wanted to use I had gone through every card in the drawer. Many of the cards had been int he drawer for years. For various reasons, most of them didn’t appeal to me any more.I had an “ah ha” moment. I acknowledged that I probably would never use those cards. I took the opportunity to let go off that small hoard of cards. Out they go into the recycling bin.

I’m basking in the positive energy of the gratitude I’ve shared. And, I’ve made room for new cards that reflect who I am now. The next time I get to write a thank you note or send some other card, the task will be more easily accomplished and pleasant. I won’t have to shuffle through old stuff to say “thank you”. What a great Feng Shui “twofer”!

Making the Bed – Simple Feng Shui

make_bed_fengshuiOne of the things I love most about Feng Shui is the many practical, simple ways it offers to work with the energy in my home. Some of these adjustments are “common sense” or, in my case, “tasks” I learned from my mother. Mom didn’t know she was practicing Feng Shui; she just knew what helped our home feel good. Making my bed every morning was one of the simple lessons she instilled in me. Imagine my delight when I learned I’ve been practicing Feng Shui since I was a child.

Making your bed is a simple and marvelous ways to shift energy as you start your day. When we sleep our energy turns inward; our subconscious energy becomes most active. Nighttime is a time of retreat and restoration. When morning arrives, we need to shift our energy outward to engage again with the world. Making the bed helps stimulate the flow of energy in the room and in our minds. This act helps clear the energy from the subconscious and welcomes the opportunities of the new day.

make_bed_beforeAn unmade bed is a form of clutter. Energy is sticky. The energy of our subconscious and our nighttime respiration clings to our bedding. Bed making motions of lifting, tugging, straightening, and tucking help unstick the energy accumulated during the night and releases it to flow away. This opens space for new, fresh energy to flow in providing a more “clean slate” for your next night of rest.

Opening and closing your window coverings can also be a part of this daily routine. You may prefer to shut your curtains or blinds at night. Perhaps you need to block out ambient light or muffle noise. Feng Shui supports doing what is practical for privacy and comfort. If you do close your curtains at night, opening them each morning works together with making your bed to shift to daytime energy. In Feng Shui, windows are associated with vision. Opening your curtains enhances your view of the opportunities life can bring to you each day.

make_bed_afterMaking the bed honors and says “thank you” to your bed for sheltering and supporting you during your hours of sleep. And, it prepares the bed to welcome you when you return to it at the end of your day. The acts of turning down the bed and drawing shut the curtains signal an energetic shift to re-enter your time of rest and restoration.

The simple routine of making the bed every morning and turning it down at night are daily touchpoints that can connect us with the energy of our homes. The better we care for our homes, the better they can care for us.